Reasons to Join the American Boiler Manufacturers Association

David G. Bohn is the president of Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Corporation, where he develops new markets while maintaining responsibility for profitability and growth. David G. Bohn also focuses on manufacturing efficiency and stays actively involved in professional groups like the American Boiler Manufacturers Association.

The American Boiler Manufacturers Association (ABMA) was founded in 1888 and currently operates as the only national, nonprofit trade association for boiler system manufacturing companies. ABMA accepts members in the industry as well as vendors, owners and operators, and service suppliers. There are many reasons to join the organization, and members generally get a good return on investment because of all the learning opportunities the group provides. The association offers a unique focus on the boiler industry and numerous networking and continuing education courses. Members have access to discounted publications, high-quality sales data, a members-only newsletter, and the organization’s magazine.

The ABMA offers three levels of membership: regular active members, regular associate members, and professional affiliate members. Learn more about the different levels at