FAQ: What is Boiler Dry-Firing?

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Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Corporation
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Redding, CT resident David Bohn serves as president of the Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Corporation in nearby Danbury, CT. The firm engineers and manufactures commercial and industrial utility products such as boilers. Accordingly, David Bohn remains apprised of developments in the HVAC industry as well as relevant safety concerns.

Dry-firing is a common concern for those who work with boilers, especially on an industrial scale. Keep reading to learn about the common causes of dry-firing and the best ways to prevent it.

Question: What does in mean when a boiler dry-fires?
Answer: Boilers rely on carefully-managed levels of pressure and temperature. When a boiler runs out of water, the steam pressure plummets. The boiler works overtime to create more pressure, but the lack of water also causes a cooling failure. This causes the boiler to become very hot very quickly.

Q: How is dry-firing caused?
A: Dry-firing is a perfect storm of problems. First, the feedwater supply must be interrupted. Safeguards such as a low-water cutout alarm and a flame safeguard system must also be disabled or malfunctioning, as these safeguards would usually turn an emptying boiler’s flame off. Lastly, operator error or failure to observe the previous problems is usually a contributing factor.

Q: How can dry-firing be prevented?
A: Installing redundant feedwater pumps allows for continued boiler function if one pump fails. Special pressure transmitters can help operators monitor pressure more efficiently, and a combination of regulations and equipment for boiler testing can help operators catch problems early, before a dry-fire occurs.


New Pond Farm Hosts Annual Golf Outing in Redding, CT

New Pond Farm pic

New Pond Farm
Image: newpondfarm.org

For more than two decades, David Bohn has worked as president of Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Corporation in Redding, CT. A philanthropic individual, David Bohn supports New Pond Farm, located on 102 acres in West Redding, CT, and its charity golf tournament.

Recently celebrating its 30th year, New Pond Farm consists of an environmental education center and a small working farm. Home once to founder and actress Carmen Mathews, the farm highlights a variety of habitats, including wetlands, pastures, and woodlands. During the summer, New Pond Farm offers a personal camp for urban-area kids to make friends and learn about life on a farm without any modern electronics. To help raise money to offer these camps, the nonprofit farm seeks donations and support from the public.

On September 20, 2016, New Pond Farm hosted its 13th annual golf outing. Since it began, this fundraising event has raised more than $260,000 to help it continue to offer its programs for children and adults. These programs connect people to the land so they can understand and appreciate its value.

National Association of Manufacturers Sponsors Executive Forums

National Association of Manufacturers pic

National Association of Manufacturers
Image: nam.org

Involved with the Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Corporation in Redding, CT, since 1987, David Bohn worked his way up in the company and became its president in 1995. To help him stay ahead of the competition, Redding, CT, resident David Bohn belongs to the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), of which he has been a member since 1995.

As the largest manufacturing association in the country, NAM represents manufacturing companies in every industrial sector in the United States. It advocates on their behalf to advance policies to create economic growth.

Throughout the year, NAM hosts a forum series entitled Executive Insights, which gives members an opportunity to strike up conversations with chief executive officers of some of the world’s top manufacturing companies. These panel discussions give members access to connect with high-ranking executives, who answer questions on a variety of topics. One of these forums occurred in Chicago, Illinois, on September 19, 2016, and featured Gregg Sherrill, chairman and CEO of Tenneco, Inc.; Tom Riordan, president and CEO of Neenah Enterprises, Inc.; and Blake Moret, president and CEO of Rockwell Automation.