ALS Association to Help Fund Study of New Anti-Inflammation Drug


ALS Association pic

ALS Association

For more than two decades, David Bohn has served as the president of Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Corporation in Redding, CT. Outside of his professional life, David Bohn is a longtime supporter of community organizations in Redding, CT, and medical charities, such as the ALS Association.

The ALS Association, which combats amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALF), also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, recently announced a joint funding venture with ALS Finding a Cure and the Northeast ALS Consortium, which will provide $1 million in grant funding for testing of a new anti-inflammatory drug, RNS60. It is hoped this drug will curb inflammation, which can quicken the spread of ALS.

ALS is not an inflammatory disease by nature, but research indicates that inflammation in the central nervous system can speed up the progress of the disease after onset. Consequently, researchers have begun investigating ways to decrease inflammation levels in order to slow the progress of the disease. Preliminary data indicates that RNS60 has the potential to accomplish this.

The trial will involve 142 participants with ALS, will last 24 weeks, and will consist of two study groups. One group will take RNS60 and another will take a placebo. Researchers will monitor inflammation levels in each group to see if the study drug reduces them, and also what effects lowered inflammation levels have on the disease’s progress.

Neurologists Ettore Beghi, MD, in Milan, Italy; Letizia Mazzini, MD, in Novara, Italy; and Sabrina Paganoni, MD, PhD, in Boston, Massachusetts, will serve as the clinical trial’s principal investigators.


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