API Inject-Aire Burner Solutions Drive Energy Efficiency Gains


API Inject-Aire Burner pic

API Inject-Aire Burner
Image: preferred-mfg.com

Based in Redding, CT, David G. Bohn serves as president of Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Corporation, guiding a Danbury company that provides power plant equipment engineering and manufacturing solutions. Among David G. Bohn’s successfully completed projects outside of Redding, CT, is the implementation of a new low-emissions, high-efficiency API Inject-Aire burner at Stapleton Houses, which are run by the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA).

The burner is pioneering in its compliance with recently instituted municipal laws that mandate significant carbon emissions reductions over a three-year period. Specifically, electricity consumption reductions of up to 85 percent compared with burners previously purchased by NYCHA are sought.

The API Inject-Aire burner’s high fuel efficiency technologies include those that reduce boiler heat loss through eliminating half of the start-up and shut-down cycles that are most energy intensive. With the durable burners lasting longer than boilers, there is no need for expensive retrofits throughout the system lifecycle. The burners come with industry leading component warranties to ensure that any issues experienced are quickly resolved in ways that keep the system running.


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