Preferred Utilities’ Efficiency Efforts at Ohio Air Force Base

Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Corporation pic

Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Corporation

David Bohn is a Redding, CT, executive who directs Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Corporation as president and offers a host of energy-efficient products ranging from industrial boilers and burners to combustion controllers. David Bohn and his Redding, CT, team oversaw a major coal-to-natural-gas boiler conversion process that reflected a 2012 mandate for the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base to be brought under new U.S. Environmental Protection Agency emission limits.

The Dayton, Ohio, base has historically operated using coal- and natural-gas-fired boilers. The coal-fired boilers did not come in under new Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT) standards in areas such as particulate and mercury. With compliance deadlines fast approaching, major conversions of two coal-fired boilers were initiated, as well as the conversion two coal-powered high-temperature-hot-water (HTHW) systems. The other units were planned for demolition.

When completed, the upgrades significantly decreased pollutant emissions and reduced the amount of carbon dioxide released by 50 percent. With the boiler modifications having completed last year, they are now fully operational and helping meet sustainability goals.