Installation of High-Efficiency API Inject-Aire Burners in New York


API Inject-Aire Burners pic

API Inject-Aire Burners

David Bohn, a Redding, CT, executive, heads Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Corporation, a firm that provides coordinated power plant equipment manufacturing and engineering services. David Bohn and his team in Redding, CT, are experienced in enabling industrial and residential facilities to meet federal, state, and municipal mandates related to emissions and energy efficiency.

One of Preferred Utilities’ success stories involved the installation of a low-emissions, high-efficiency API Inject-Aire burner within the New York City Housing Authority’s (NYCHA) Stapleton Houses. This innovative system brought a solution uniquely capable of meeting strict carbon footprint reduction mandates outlined in New York City Local Law 87.

The burners have the capacity to decrease electricity consumption by up to 85 percent, compared with previous generation burners. The pre-purge and post-purge cycles associated with such burners have been reduced by more than half, with systemwide thermal shock wear and tear decreased a corresponding amount.

A distinct advantage of Preferred Utilities’ low-emissions technology is that it enables facilities to quickly and cost effectively upgrade to ultralow-emissions technologies as they come online. More opportunities for replacement exist, as a number of the company’s burners approach 50 years of service within the NYCHA and New York City Board of Education.


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