David Bohn Redding CT

David Bohn and Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Corporation in Danbury, CT, present an innovation in system control for more convenience and reliability.

The great thing about the Flexible System Controller (FSC) is that each one operates as a programmable logic controller. They’re installed on every piece of your fuel delivery system, then networked together. They’re designed “masterless” so that if one goes down, the others won’t fail too.

Preferred understands the necessity of reliable technology, especially for mission critical facilities. Data Centers, for example, rely on generators as the primary source of backup power. To combat unwanted power disruptions, we designed the FSC with a dual redundant NodeNet communication network and distributed controls. These features make the FSC one of the best solutions for mission critical facilities looking to avoid costly outages.

The FSC provides the most reliable fuel oil control system for emergency power in mission critical facilities. Dual redundant cabling from each node means there’s no chance for repeater failure, hub failure, or switch failure. They’re modular, too, meaning they plug-and-play with typical fuel handling components. That includes day tanks, pump sets, filtration units, and remote fill stations. The FSC communication network also reduces the amount of wiring by 700%.

The FSC works because it distributes hardwired modular controls to each local device throughout the plant. This way, it is easy to troubleshoot from any node. The FSC communications network lets you do something you’ve never been able to do before: now you can control or view any device, status, or alarm anywhere in the system from any touchscreen in the network.

David G. Bohn is the President and CEO of Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Corporation in Danbury, CT. David has worked at Preferred Utilities for almost 30 years and gratefully follows in his father’s and grandfather’s tradition of putting quality and sound engineering at the center of every product with the promise that Preferred stands behind every application because our name is on it.